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Do you want to live a more HEALTHY lifestyle?
Then start your journey today with AquaHaven. Drinking from glass is simply healthier... safer... and down right tastes better! NO more harmful chemicals fusing with your beverage from plastic bottles being left in the sun. NO more metallic taste in your water from stainless steel alternatives.

Our bottles are 100% BPA free, 17oz, non toxic, and include NO plastic what-so-ever.

Are you looking for a COOL stylish elegant bottle that LASTS?
AquaHaven bottles come in 5 unique colors to mesh with your exact personality and style sense. The slim and tall design, coupled with thick borosilicate extra strength glass, and premium high impact resistant silicone sleeve ensure your bottle is protected from life’s mishaps.

Do you need a DO-IT-ALL / TAKE-IT-ANYWHERE kind of bottle?
Perfect for a hike, yoga, a walk on the beach, working out at the gym, hanging around the house, or working at the office. These eco friendly reusable bottles can be enjoyed again and again, but not just with water! Our bottles are fantastic for hot or cold beverages including coffee, tea, juice, milk, protein shakes, smoothies, essential oils, etc. The insulated food grade silicone sleeve keeps your beverage at proper temperature longer and better than any other!

Perfect GIFT for a close friend or family member:
AquaHaven glass water bottles are perfect accessories for men, women, Mom, Dad, kids, or even Grandma and Grandpa. Show someone close a new healthy way to drink and enjoy water today!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
All our AquaHaven glass water bottles come with a no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee PLUS a 1 year free replacement warranty.


Get your AquaHaven Glass Water Bottle RIGHT AWAY by clicking HERE

AquaHaven is a family owned business based in beautiful Austin, Texas.  We love drinking from glass because it's simply healthier, more environmentally friendly, and provides a more pure taste! 


Start your AquaHaven journey today!  CLICK HERE!

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